Thursday, March 24, 2011

Long Days

Yesterday and today were both such busy days... I was out at least 12 hours both days, yuck-o! Today Pete had knee surgery (he is doing great!) so I literally sat at the hospital for 7.5 hours.  The waiting is the hardest part - the waiting to actually see the doctor.  His surgery was scheduled for 1:30 but didn't go in til after 3! On the bright side, I ate well today.

I had a nice, hearty breakfast of one Van's waffle drizzled with pure maple syrup, banana, and walnuts. On the side I enjoyed one egg smothered in Tabasco sauce. Mmmm.

Shortly after breakfast #1 was breakfast #2... a whole wheat Breuggers Bagel with Olive Cream Cheese, Lettuce, tomato and cucumbers.  I didn't have any time to pack food today, so I knew I would be buying food since I cant go too long without eating.  I only packed a bag of grapes! I bought a bag of these chips in salsa and of course a pack of Twizzlers, because I knew I needed something to munch on during the long hospital hours.

Lunch was eaten at the hospital cafeteria... a bag of my favorite Jalapeno chips (all natural)

And a grilled chicken wrap on spinach wrap with roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato, onion,olives and jalapenos. No cheese and a lil mustard.  Also enjoyed was my new fav Vitamin Water Zero - they also gave me four pickle.  I know I'm pregnant, and pregnant women are supposed to love pickles, but they honestly make me sick to my stomach!!

My wrap was HUGE and I could only eat half of it! It also only cost $3.10, which was amazing!! Dinner was crab, shrimp, tomato and mozzarella cheese pizza, which I took photos of but are too lazy to post.  I never had crab on my pizza, it definitely made it seafood-y, which I'm unsure I really like.  I do love love love shrimp on my pizza, it rocks my world!

I'm beat, so I'm calling it an early night.

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