Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kitchen Banana Boats

Tonight was the best night on the planet.  After taking a long nap this afternoon with my favorite daughter and two puppies, I awoke to my husband cooking me Lamb Enchiladas.  For real.  He is just super amazing and I appreciate him so much!! I will blog the recipe tomorrow, because its late and I'm being kinda lazy.  For dessert I had THE biggest sweet tooth EVER!!

First, Mikayla and I ate Popsicles:

But that did nothing for me.  I then proceeded to eat all of the chocolate off of these chocolate covered frozen bananas:

I realize how much I don't like frozen bananas.  I mean, these are good and all (and all natural!) but frozen bananas do nothing for me.  Do you wanna know what does do something for me..... warm, gooey, sugar-filled naners!! AMAZING.  I was first introduced to these amazing campfire banana boats from my friends Erica and Matt, and Ive made them every time Ive gone camping since.  (you just cook 'em right in the fire)

First, slice a naner.  I only had one left, so I had to be fair and half it.

Then, cover one side with PB and one side with fluff

Then add some yummy chocolate PB, and put in whatever you want... I only had M&Ms, so I added those

Ive made them before with nuts, PB cups, Rollo's, etc... you can also put in raisins, or whatever you have! I like to fill em up.  Then add the top and press together.

Wrap in aluminum foil (wrap, and twist the ends like a Tootsie Roll) and stick in the broiler.  I broiled about 10 mins.  Just poke it and make sure its all mushy.  Then unroll and eat with a spoon. 

The bananas get so warm and tender, nothing like what you think a cooked banana would taste like.  I strongly suggest you make these because they are so easy and delicious!! And I haven't met a single person who wasn't impressed.



  1. What tasty gooeyness! I love chocolate and share your dislike of frozen bananas... Thanks for linking up to Friday Potluck.

  2. MMMMMMM that sounds fantastic!! Yummy yummy- what a clever idea!! Welcome to Modern Country Lady and thank you for becoming my latest follower!! have a great weekend! What a sweet litle daughter you have by the way!!

  3. What a fun idea! Thanks for linking up with Sweet Tooth Friday!