Friday, March 11, 2011

Exhausting Day

Recap of Today:

Breakfast was 2 Van's Whole Wheat waffles, topped with Naners and walnuts, and strawberries

With this maple syrup I won from a baby shower last spring! So amazing.  Its from Bolton Landing, or at least somewhere around there.

Mikayla and I met Pete for lunch, which consisted of pizza (duhh)
Chicken Bacon Ranch and Tomato and Ricotta... the best pizza place ever, but it was so greasy and heavy and soggy today.  You can see all the grease on the Chicken one.. yucko.

This afternoon we had a lil bowling action going on:

Little kids bowling is just the cutest (and longest!) thing. For tonight we have some friends stopping over to eat... Corned Beef & Cabbage! (and potatoes and carrots). Sometimes days off are more exhausting than work days.. I haven't stopped since I brought the hubby to work at 7 this morning! I know I will sleep wonderfully tonight.

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