Thursday, March 10, 2011

Special Trips

Today was really cool, I ate lunch with Mikaylas kindergarten class! Mikayla was so happy and excited that she introduced me to every single person she knew.  I'm so glad I could finally come, she always talked about how other moms came into eat lunch with their children.  She was double excited because it was hot dog day at school, and I don't let her have hot dogs or ketchup at home! Needless to say... I didn't eat the school hot dog lunch like she did, so when I came home I was starving.  

I made lettuce wraps with leftover chicken that my mother in law sent me home with one day.  I mixed in a lot of mustard and a lil Miracle Whip Light.  Then I split a piece of American Cheese and put it on the lettuce wrap, then rolled. I used to eat lettuce wraps all the time, they are filling if you pack a lot of stuff in them.  (I always made them with the Bumble Bee canned crab meat... soo good!)

On the side you see the most delicious pickle you have ever tasted:

Some Jewish brand found in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. I also made a sweet trip to the grocery store today and didn't buy anything with chocolate, since Pete gave up chocolate for lent.  Its not like I ever buy chocolate and sweets... but I did buy ice cream, and its close to impossible to find chocolate-less flavors at the grocery store.  I ended up buying Butter Pecan.  Please... every good kind definitely has choc in it!!

If I could go off on a quick tangent.... Pete always gives up chocolate for lent... which is the SAME week that all of the Girl Scout cookies always come in.  Meaning... we have a gazillion boxes of Samoas, Thin Mints, ad Tag-a-longs.  Now they just sit and take up precious space for 40 entire days. If you are wondering, I gave up soda. I drink it a lot when I work since there is a soda machine next to my room, and in all faculty rooms. 

I have to admit, I did eat this yesterday:

I know I'm technically not supposed to eat fish and definitely not sushi... but its only a simple California Roll... and I love sushi and don't wannnna give it up for 40 weeks. 

Another tangent you ask? Okay.  I never feel like cooking after a trip to the grocery store!! I LOVE going grocery shopping, spend so much time planning, picking, thinking... but as soon as I leave I want to go pick up dinner on the way home! Grrr. I never do... tonight I just made another quick din consisting of:

with Sauteed Spinach and shrooms

with a jar of this, and one of these sausages:

and a lil of this mixed in

and placed it all under green beans because I'm being lazy and don't want to use a lot of dishes.

Tomorrow Mikay has off from school, and I do too! I hope to accomplish lots of things.... or do nothing at all but relax.  I guess it depends on the weather! And now I'm off to watch Never ending Story part II which will be interesting because I never liked it any of the 8,000 times my brother made me watch the first one.

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