Monday, March 28, 2011

Trips to the Grocery Store

After work today my family (Pete, Mikayla, and of course the 2 puppies) met me at Price Chopper so we could do some family grocery shopping.  Pete and I vowed to never eat high fructose corn syrup again... at least not to our knowledge.  (I'm pretty sure all these lil chocolates I ate today were so healthy... )

right.  Multiply those chocolate wrappers by a lot, and you can figure out all of the chocolate I snuck myself during work today!! (but it was sooo good!).   Anyway, we really are trying to eat healthy, which makes grocery shopping a rather difficult task.  Today wasn't too bad, we spent about $85 on this: 

I tried a few new things today, including this no ingredient bread (it has like 4 or 5 things in it!)

Its Heidelberg Brand, and it was really good! We also decided to try a new kind of ground beef, it is organic and humanely raised.  It wasn't more expensive than regular ground beef which was surprising... it was $4.99/lb with $1 off coupon... so $3.99 for one lb!! Score! We also bought a different brand of chicken sausage, one that I have never tried before.

My purchase of the day were these amazing eggs. Okay... they were honestly $1 more than the cheap supermarket eggs, and 50 cents more than the Land O'Lakes Cage-Free eggs. 

Can I just tell you how wonderful these eggs really are? It was so interesting, when I cracked the egg in the frying pan tonight, I hardly had to touch the eggs to the side of the pan, the shells just broke. So easily.  When they landed in the pan, they were so much higher, and fluffier.  I was happy.

After the egg was cooked, the whites were so.... white! And the yellow was so.... yellow.  It was so different than a "regular egg", it was pretty unbelievable.

(Mikayla's egg).  The taste? was SO different.  It was like eating an entirely different food.  The texture, the taste, the color... I'm sold! My egg tasted so yummy on top of tonight's BLT's.  I cooked up some butcher bacon (so much tastier than anything you will ever, ever find pre-packaged), and added lots of fresh spinach, sliced tomato, and yellow mustard on my new bread, toasted

On the side I roasted broccoli and some green beans.  Delicious, quick dinner!

I am just so happy that Pete and Mikayla are on the same healthy page that I am on! It would be so difficult if either one of them resisted, but its quite the opposit - Pete really wants to change his eating habits and eat healthy, so much that he came to the grocery store with me to help pick things out and read labels/ ingredients. Mikayla, my lil princess, asked me if we could make yellow granola bars.  (Her interpretation of the banana oatmeal cookies we made).  My family is so great, I cant wait to add another into the mix!

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