Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Difficult Days

No recipes here today.  This girl lived off of mint chocolate chip ice cream, because this lil princess had some traumatic dental work done today:
That's Mikayla (and Pocket) this afternoon, so obviously she is feeling much better. Mikayla had some teeth filled and had one extracted.  She was given two shots of Novocaine and the dentist told me that while he was pulling the tooth it kept breaking and her roots actually grew into her bone... needless to say, he told me she would be "very sore" later. 

Ugh.  I felt so helpless.  We went to a different dentist, not the normal one we take her to.  With this dentist, parents are not allowed in the room, so as soon as Mikayla was finished she ran into the waiting room, found me, and cried.  I actually scooped her up, brought her in the car, and she screamed - cried for like 10 minutes.  She was SO SCARED.  I felt so awful.  The rest of the day was spent on the "tooth couch" (like a sick couch, but obv no one is sick) watching movies (Chicken Run, Beauty & the Beast, Barbie), playing Go Fish, and eating Jello and Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.  What else can a mother do but hug her baby girl all day?

I hate feeling so helpless when it comes to my mini-me.

On a more positive note, "step-dad" brought us home flowers last night.  I got pink ones, and he brought one special red rose home for his baby girl!

Mikayla's first flower from a boy!

My true loves!!!!!
Things like this make me so thankful that I was able to find and marry such a wonderful man who loves and accepts Mikayla and goes out of his way to show us how special she really is to him!

Now that I'm probably leaking like a waterfall (obviously due to pregnancy hormones and not my emotions) its time for me to get off this computer and go hug the people I love!! Maybe we'll go to Friendlys for special ice cream treats later tonight, if my princess feels up for it!


  1. Big hug back !! What a traumatic day for you all!!I think icecream and movies was the RIGHT ANSWER :-)

  2. I hate the feeling of being helpless w/ my little one. There is a kiddo dentist in town that doesn't let the parents come back w/ the kids and thought that was unheard of. I thought if the purpose was so the kid didn't cry more b/c mom was there then make the rooms like my daughters ballet was where the parents watched behind 2 way mirror w/o the kids knowing. Right? We go to a pediatric dentist that allows parents to come back just b/c that's crazy I watch too many 20/20s and Datelines to have doubts w/ the other. But I feel for your little one b/c the dentist is such a dreaded place to visit. Especially if it leaves you in pain. {And it usually does}
    now following from yesterdays hop come by and say hello when you get a chance!

    {tara} from Undeserving Grace

  3. Awww, V! Your such a great mama. Give Mikayla a hug for me!