Monday, March 7, 2011

Breakfast, Breakfast, Breakfast

A nice recap of my unexpected 3 day weekend (hurray for snow days!!!):

Saturday I woke up early, let the dogs out, blah blah blah, and went back to bed to try to catch a few more mins of sleep.  Mikayla woke me up, with Pete following her... they were carrying plates of food... that's right, my darling daughter and amazing husband made me breakfast in bed!! No one has ever done that for me before!!!
I put up the bad pic so you cant see how awful we really look!

Breakfast consisted of a leftover lamb enchilada omelette and a side of pizza from Friday night (Ricotta, Anchovy and Jalapeno Pepper).  No.... I don't eat like this because I'm pregnant, I eat like this because it keeps our meals interesting! Sat night Mikayla met up with her cousins to watch Annie Jr, a play, and we were exhausted so we called it an early night.  Sunday  morning Mikayla and I made these fantastic cookies, and Pete rewarded us by taking us to a diner for breakfast.

Playing with food = fun!

Mikayla just loves ordering pancakes, with a side of whipped cream and strawberries, and making her own smiley face!  My mini-me is turning into such a baker/cook...I don't even know what to think! Every time I'm like, "What would  you like to do?" She answers by saying, "Make.... (something)".  No, child, go play something.  (yeah right, I cave in almost every time)

So, for dinner tonight she really wanted "breakfast tacos".  I was unsure what she meant, but I took her to the store and we bought food for breakfast tacos.  We came up with these:

First, we sliced up one potato and cooked it in some olive oil, hash brown style

and cooked up 3/4 lb of thick bacon

Cant get enough bacon!! Bacon Bacon Bacon!!
Then scrambled 7 eggs
Heated up 6 soft taco shells and melted cheese on them

And then made these puppies

and added lots of spinach, sour cream, and fresh salsa

Rolled 'er up

and enjoyed! It really was good, such a change from cooking dinner.  It was a quick clean up too, which is always nice! Tomorrow its back to work, although its now a 2 day work week for me.

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