Saturday, February 19, 2011

Perfect Eggs makes a Perfect Morning

Dinner last night at the Pump Station was fun!  Pete and I ordered the Calamari as an appetizer, which was fantastic, it was spicy and full of flavor.  The one complaint that I have about the Calamari is they were all rings - boring!! Then I ordered the Baked Veggie Wrap, (Provolone, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, Romano and feta cheeses encased in a wrap, brushed with garlic butter and topped with sesame seeds. Served with a side of apple-cider balsamic vinaigrette) alongside sweet potato fries and pierogies.  Totally unimpressed.  The fries were good, but the only time sweet potato fries are bad is when they are soggy! I omitted the provolone cheese, added pepper jack and olives.  I knew it wouldn't be much, but Ididnt think it would be bad.  Well, it was!

Breakfast this morning was nice, especially since it was made at my parents so I didn't have to wash the dishes (sorry mom!)

I cooked up some breakfast sausages and some asparagus:

I made the hubby a sausage, american cheese and pepper jack cheese 3 egg omlette:

and myself a pepper jack, asparagus and sausage 2 egg omelet, with a side of amazing raisin toast with a lil butter:

So so good! I love when my eggs turn out perfectly, it makes my morning! (Bad eggs are the worst!)

Right now I am leaving for Cousin McKenzies wedding, in my hometown... woot woot! I'm excited to see and taste all the different foods, I hope its amazing!

I also posted recipes on for Sweets for Saturday.  Check it out, they have amazing recipes!

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