Friday, January 28, 2011

The 5-yr-old baker

Mikayla acquired a ton of lil kid baking/cooking sets for Xmas and her birthday, and this mini-cupcake set was one of them.  It came with mini-cupcake wrappers, which make the perfect bite size cupcake! It also came with recipe cards and a frosting gun (or whatever they are called). 

We chose to make a regular, cakey cupcake, and Mikayla decided we should mix in chocolate chips and chopped up Snickers! We decided to make a chocolate cream cheese frosting.  Mikayla frosted and decorated these herself, and we quickly ran out of frosting, however, it was late so mommy decided to not make any more... and eat some without the frosting. 

Detective Mom thinks theres some missing from the pan....  

Oh no! One more is missing...!

Anyway, Im sure more baking will be in the near future, but not tonight! I have a movie date with the coolest 5 year old I know! Bring on the popcorn, movie theatre nachos, and 3-D glasses... Yogi Bear, here we come!

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