Sunday, January 30, 2011

No Calorie Sundays

Because calories shouldn't count on the weekends:
French Toast Galore!

I made Pete and I a "variety French Toast Plate" for breakfast.  First up:

Beauuutiful Lines
  Regular French Toast... which is always welcome in my book.  We like 'em eggy, so there is more egg than milk in my mix. Next up:

Yummy Gooey Goodness

Peanut Butter and Jelly with Banana French toast! Mmmmm.  What I did: I had a loaf of bread in the freezer (because I freeze everything) so I actually took a piece of good bread and sliced it in half to make it tiny! Then I loaded up one side with this puppy:

You had me at Cinnamon
The other slice with this:

 Filled the middle with sliced bananas, dipped the sandwich in my egg mixture and placed it on the griddle.  It was awesome.  I'm such a syrup lover and it didn't even need syrup!!

The last piece of FT was actually made for me by my darling husband:

Dippy Eggs = <3
Its one of those neat pieces of FT with egg! I made the FT, he cuts a hole in the middle and fries an egg in there.  Sooo good, and once again it didn't need any syrup! How great was that Sunday breakfast?  Yeah... Lil Pocket Girl thought the same thing...

Where's mine mom??

See you next weekend!

While this one was skiing yesterday...

 Mama enjoyed one of these in the lodge:

Bought from my first trip to the candy store in the mall next to me! Sooo good.  It was dark chocolate filled with Raspberry filling... amazinggg!

I come for moral support

My belly keeps getting bigger and bigger, I can hardly zip up my ski jacket anymore!!

A view from the top
 No, its not a ball, its my growing tummy, and I love it!!!

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