Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dont feel like cooking? I didnt either!

The other night I made two packs of these lil suckers:

One of the restaurants Pete and I eat at serve stuffed Rigatoni, and I think it is the greatest thing on the planet, so much different than Ravioli! Pete surprised me one night and brought me home 2 packs, thinking I would love them.  They were so simple to make.  Honestly.  They take 2 mins to boil.  While they were  boiling, I heated up one big skillet, and dumped in a bag of frozen broccoli, sliced mushrooms, frozen peas, and sausage (for peter and Mikayla).  Once that was cooked a bit, I added one jar of Barilla Vodka Sauce and half of a jar of Ragu Alfredo.  Tossed in the stuffed Rigatoni, and PRESTO!

I also added sausage, for Pete and Mikayla's enjoyment.
A yummy dinner! 

Short-cut stuffed Rigatoni

2 bags PC stuffed Cheese & Spinach Rigatoni (16 oz)
1 bag frozen broccoli florets
1/2 cup frozen peas
4 lg mushrooms, sliced
1 Jar Barilla Vodka Sauce
1/2 Jar Ragu Alfredo Sauce
3-4 sausage links, already boiled

Boil 2 bags of Frozen Rigatoni, for about 2 minutes.  In a frying pan, heat olive oil and throw in sliced sausage, and sprinkle on Rosemary.  Cook until it browns, then add mushrooms, peas and broccoli.  (Onion would be good here too!).  Once that is cooked add jar of vodka sauce and 1/2 jar Alfredo, stir.  Add in Rigatoni, serve.

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