Monday, January 31, 2011

Emergency Stash

Here is last nights conclusion to my mega-lazy Sunday:

It's not delivery... its Bertolli!

This is actually Bertolli in-a-bag, something I just always like to have in my freezer.   My first three months of being pregnant I didn't want to feed my family at all, so I purchased a few of these to use on an emergency basis.  Last night was obviously an emergency: I was being lazy and didn't want to mess up the kitchen I just cleaned! This is some chicken version in vodka sauce.  Once I dumped the frozen dinner into the pan, I also added raw shrimp, mushrooms, and diced tomatoes to just give it a lil more oomph.  On the side I made a chopped salad... something I quickly became a fan of, and roasted broccoli.  

As I'm becoming more and more pregnant, I'm trying to eat healthier and healthier, which just allows me to eat more often, something I want to do anyway! So I brought a ton of food for breakfast/lunch/snacks today, which included (but not only included) a healthified breakfast sandwich (eggwhites, tomato on a flat bread), mini-bagel with chive cream cheese, veggies with spicy hummus, grapes, and this amazing salad:

Sloppy Goodness

I finally caved and purchased chicken sausage... I bought the all natural kind made with apples in it.  Its okay, I don't think it should be called sausage though, my brain cant handle that... because its NOTHING like sausage!! It was okay in the salad, I fried up a whole one last night and put half in my salad - the other half went in the fridge for tomorrow.  I also used Chunky bleu cheese dressing, mixed greens, apple, cuke, tomatoes and broccoli.  It was pretty delish. 

I'm pretty starving right now and wish I had some greasy, sloppy chicken sandwich with cheese on a bun... but I will not cave and eat it :) Maybe I will make some type of pasta again for dinner though, since all I do is crave carbs, shrimp, olives and tomatoes! These past few days EVERYTHING has tasted so darn wonderful to me!! Everything I taste is just the best thing in the world... Pete thinks I'm nuts! It goes something like this:
    "Pete... how much did you loooooove the bowl of (insert anything here) you just had? I could eat that every single day for the rest of my life! It was sooo good!"
    Pete- "Um, yeah, that bowl of (blank) was okay. Are you okay?"

Every single thing I put in my mouth is pretty much the best thing ever. i like this part of pregnancy!

Mikayla and I always cook/bake on Monday nights, it helps us prep for the week.   If we cook/bake big Mondays, we are set at least thru Wed.  I think I have big plans to bake tonight... but we shall see!

My first real day at my new job went well; the students I had today were really cooperative! That makes my life easier, to know at least every other day I will have a good day! the only down side to my day?  I don't have the same lunch period as my husband!!
I leave you with a photo I received through email today, this was taken on Mikaylas birthday, complete with her two furry, squirmy birthday presents:

Lil Rocket and Lil Pocket!

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