Thursday, January 20, 2011

Its the little things in life...

At 17 weeks pregnant, this baby sure loves to kick his (or her) mama!! All I do is feel the baby move now, its absolutely the greatest thing on the planet!! One craving I have had this pregnancy (which I couldn't even think about while preggers with Mikayla) is eggs.  Breakfast today was a normal egg sandwich, and lunch today (shared by with my mama) was egg salad sandwiches with a side of Progresso tomato soup.

For the egg salad I pulled 4 hard boiled eggs from the fridge (always on hand now) and used 3 egg whites and 1 entire egg. 

I mixed it with a small spoonful of Miracle Whip (I just hate mayo, with a passion) and two spoonfuls of this amazing roasted red pepper goat cheese:

I found this at Price Chopper on sale for only $1.99, it is hand made in Vermont.  It is so yummy, all natural and inexpensive, I have been putting it on all of my sandwiches! Along with the egg salad I toasted a sandwich thin, and included sliced tomato and spinach... so good!!

Since I found myself pretty hungry a lil while after, I decided to eat a bowl of cereal. 

 In the cereal I cut an entire 'naner, a handful of raisins, a scoop of this amazing Pumpkin Butter, and almond milk.  My mama bought me this Pumpkin Butter for Christmas:

(along with LOTS of PBs, Apple Butters and Jellies!!!!!), and she purchased it from Le Gourmet Chef.  Its absolutely amazing.... Mikayla enjoys it on her breakfast waffles too! I also bough the Silk Almond Milk that I have been reading a lot about, and let me tell you... IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! It is so super creamy and delicious, I don't see how I can ever go back to regular milk ever again! This cereal bowl was probably the greatest thing on the planet, and I will be surely seeing this in my life more often!! Dinner is already done, Mikayla has cheerleading practice after school today, so I am going to go watch her! She is cheering during the high school varsity BB game tomorrow night.  She also did this in the fall, she cheered during one of the football game halftimes, to Lady Gaga!! HA! For din, I'm making something with these lil Lamb Chops:

Which, if you look close, are TOTALLY mis-marked!! SCORE!!! They are always about $10 per pound, but the teenager unloading the meat must have not paid one bit of attention, I love buying mis-priced meat, it makes my day! Off to see my lil princess cheer!

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  1. Yummers Mrs. Pizza Head, to the egg salad anyway, lamb, boo, gamey!

    Love you,