Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meat for dinner!

Ever wonder what in the world to do with a very thin, cheap piece of beef?
ever wish you could make it into a very easy, delicious, filling dinner using only these ingredients?
Well... you can!! (and cheese, not pictured)

What I do first, is open a box of stove top stuffing.  I prefer chicken, and as you can see here I didn't even buy stove top, I bought the store brand.  I dump it in a bowl and also mix in one can of diced tomatoes, and squirt in some Italian dressing.  I mix it all together, and let it sit for a while so the stuffing gets moist, without actually cooking it, using butter, and dirtying a pot!

Then, I take the beef and slice it into pieces smaller than my hand.  I usually just buy it pre cut, however, this time the store didn't have any. 
Then, all I do is heat a frying pan, spray PAM all over it, and put the beef down, on heat a lil less than Medium.  This meat will cook in about 2 mins, so be careful!! I like to brown it (slightly) on one side, and do a quick flip.  As soon as I flip the meat, I take a handful of the stuffing mixture and just squish it down right on top of the meat.  I also usually sprinkle mozz cheese on top - this time I used shredded cheddar.  I do this (quickly) to all of the pieces and cover the meat so the cheese melts on top.  I quickly take the cover off and serve!! Here's what a (almost) full pan looks like cooking

It gets a lil sloppy, depending on how moist you make the stuffing.  I like to squirt a lil more dressing in the mix right before I put it ontop of the meat.  I did 2 pan rotations.  They are much more filling than they actually appear thanks to the stuffing and cheese!

On the side I also made really thin sweet potato chips... by slicing them thin, spraying them with PAM, salt, and Chili Powder, and roasting them for about 15 mins in the oven at 450.

While the oven was on, I also roasted Brussel Sprouts, made the same way.  These suckers are my favorite, along with Pete... and I ate them as I took them out of the oven!
I covered these in garlic salt... my love!! Here's my full plate:

What you see on there as well is escarole I made alongside dinner yesterday.  I was craving veggies, and this was easy enough... I just cut the escarole and steamed it for about 15 minutes.  I prefer mine smothered with hot pepper.... Tabasco sauce works well too!

I think tonight I'm going to make something Mexican with ground pork, since I had such a craving for Taco Bell yesterday but never actually ate it! Happy cooking!

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