Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Days

Ski Days Snow Days are pretty awesome!! I woke up knowing we were going to make the long trek up to Gore, so I made myself a hearty breakfast sandwich before we got breakfast on the road (ha). I took last nights leftovers (Chicken Florentine Crepes from IHOP) and cooked it in a frying pan with an egg... then proceeded to make my fav breakfast sandwich...
Breakfast of Champs!!
Skiing was pretty great today... lil Mikayla was amazing on the slopes.  On the way home from a FANTASTIC day of fresh powder skiing, we stopped by... Ponderosa! As gross (or not) as it is, I am a sucker for buffets.  Ponderosa had a pretty great salad bar, which I quickly loaded up on.
Kind of like the salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays.  I pretty much ate this salad and had a side of nachos,with spicy fake cheese, jalapenos and bacon bits.  (Confession: I also dipped fried raviolis in the mix).  I don't think Ive ever been to a Ponderosa, but overall its very inexpensive.  You order an entree and then "up" your meal to a "side of buffet"... you think that's contributing to the weight problems of this country or what?! Anyway, I ordered some kind of chicken for my entree with a baked sweet potato, which I didn't touch so I wrapped up.  It made a fantastic hot sub for Pete's lunch today.

Mikayla likes  buffets too! Ive been slacking on cooking dinner the past 3 nights, so I haven't bothered blogging about it.  We went to Ihop, Ponderosa, and tonight... Pizza.  We went to the bouncy bounce next door with Heather, Colson, Lucas and Lily, so we ordered a pizza and I picked up two salads from Subway to share.  I also caved in and bough some fresh Curly fries from Arbys.  (mmmm).  Other than that, I ate pretty well today, I made another amazing breakfast sandwich, with some fried turkey meat, which I can never eat because youre not allowed it during pregnancy; it also had roasted red pepper goat cheese, which I have never had before, and it was really good!
I just cannot get enough of breakfast sandwiches! Mikayla, again, wanted waffles, but this time I decided to make them "Happy Thursday Waffles" with blueberries, pumpkin butter and syrup:
For lunch I made egg salad.  I haven't eaten it in years, except for the past few days.  I have had such a craving for ice cold egg salad... I even made extra, to satisfy any insta-cravings that may arise later. 

 It was enjoyed with a steamy bowl of New England Clam Chowda:

Mikayla also enjoyed a bowl of soup, along with a sliced tomato and piece of toast with PB and Grape Jelly:
I am so proud of her, she is such a great eater! Mikayla takes bites of things that she knows she doesnt like, becuase I have always stressed the importance of trying food.  I tell her "you dont need to eat it or like it, just try it"... and she does!

I must keep watching season 4 of My Name is Earl... quit laughing, I love it! Yay for tomorrow being Friday!!!!!

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