Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's a...... boy!!

We're having a boy!!!!! We found out Monday that the little baby in my belly is actually a boy! Pete, Mikayla and I are extremely happy and excited. Now, its on to the Name Game... its so difficult to chose!! My mother and I celebrated by going to Panera for lunchy:

That is a Frontega chicken sandwich (Smoked & pulled white meat chicken, mozzarella, tomatoes, red onions, chopped basil & chipotle mayonnaise, grilled hot on our Focaccia) with a cup of French Onion soup. Id have to say the soup was quite salty, but it wasn't smothered in cheese and soaked with bread, so it was perfect in my book!

Today is officially my second day at my job, and I am almost finished reading this book:

It is a pretty good book, definitely an easy read.  I'm going to be teaching it for the next month so I decided to dive right in! this book is geared towards inner-city high school kids; it is about a boy who decides to "run" hash on a sailboat, gets caught by the Feds in NYC, and spends time in jail.  The problem is... this boy is really a good kid... he just came from a poor family and was offered $10,000 to run the drugs, so he did it never thinking he would get caught, nonetheless get in trouble and put in jail. It is a true story, and for anyone who knows me knows I looooove true stories!!

Today is Mikayla's second day attending the Y program before school, and she likes it.  She is such a good little girl - she is so adaptable and just enjoys being around people.  As soon as she and I walked in to the cafeteria today, she ran, got a basket, threw her things in it, sat at the table with the most children, and said "can I play too?" I mean, this took her 2 seconds, at 7 in the morning!! I love her <3

Going to work every day now involves a lot of prep time at night.  I spent last night making egg salad sandwiches for Pete and I (we are both working in the same building), chopping veggies, making a salad, packing snacks, and then making Mikaylas lunch as well.... it probably took about one hour to get everything together.  Of course I am very glad I spent the time doing it last night, otherwise I would be starving.  Plus, I like to snack and have a lot of free time during the day!

veggies <3
I will most likely be going "work" grocery shopping tonight, purchasing things I can keep on hand in my classroom, such as bread/bagels/flat breads, along with these puppies:

Soooo good together!! I need some more ideas of food to keep stashed away in my classroom, I'm going to utilize the faculty room fridge next door for waters and Gatorade's.  Pete laughs, but I don't go hungry during my work day!

I'm off to finish reading my book....

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