Friday, January 7, 2011

A snowy Friday...

Before I was pregnant, as in my skinnier days, I used to eat a similar breakfast to this every single morning.  I would cook a dippy egg, put it on a toasted English muffin, plop on some fresh spinach, add some Tabasco sauce... and breakfast was served.  Now, I decided to use these Flat bread things, or "Sandwich Thins", which are pretty good as long as you don't over toast them.  Since I am preggers and no longer allowed to eat my beloved dippy eggs, I cooked one egg and put it on a sandwich thin, along with a slice of deli American Cheese, Boston Lettuce, and tomatoes smothered in... salt! mmm, such a good, low-cal breakfast.  Its super filling when you eat it, but I'm definitely hungry an hour and a half later.  Since my plan is to just eat all day, that's okay with me :) Its more filling if you make 2 eggs, but I don't do that, too many eggs give me a tummy ache.

Its finally snowing here!!! Although, its probably not snowing up north at the ski mountains, and its certainly not going to stick. Its also not going to provide me with a snow day in which my 2 other loves have the day off from school and we take a family trip to Gore! So this time... its "just snowing".  There's no benefit in it for me! I cannot wait until this weekend, I don't have any plans, but I cant wait to just relax and have my family at home.

This pretty lil face starts her All Mountain Ski Adventure group on Saturday, she is MORE than excited!! This means she is enrolled in an all season program that is full day every Saturday.  She will be with the same children and the same instructor; this will maximize her ski growth! Mikayla is honestly the best lil skier on the planet, and she cannot wait to "go really fast straight down the mountain"... thanx Peter. Mikayla is so not scared to ski anything.  She has the best attitude towards trying new things, and not only that, but she is actually good too! I'm really going to have to up my game next winter if I want to keep up with the lil princess!
Seriously, how beautiful is she?!?!

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