Friday, January 28, 2011


Pete and I stayed up real late watching... Desperate Housewives last night, so today I'm sluggish and super exhausted.  TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday before I left for work in the morning I threw together part of dinner: BBQ Pulled Chicken.  (I make Pulled Pork the same way, but read Courtney's recipe for Chicken and thought it would be a fantastic idea, although I still made it my own way.)  I threw the following in my mini-crock pot:

          3 Boneless, Skinless chicken thighs
          2 cups of water
          2 Beef Bullion Cubes
          1 Onion, chopped

I cooked it on low and when I walked in my place after work, it smelled fantassssstic! I immediately pulled out the chicken and threw it in a bowl, pulling it apart (sooo easy!) with two forks.  I dumped out the liquid from the crock pot into another bowl.  Then, I placed the chicken back into the empty crock pot, along with salt, pepper, and this lil gem.  As it is re-cooking (or whatever) I periodically scoop some of the reserved liquid back into the crock pot, but not too much because I hate when the meat comes out watery.  I just kept the pulled chicken in the crock pot until we were ready to eat... and WOW did 3 chicken thighs make a lot of pulled chicken! I was surprised, it doesn't look like much but we have more than enough leftovers for lunch today.

On the side I also made mac and cheese, (1/2 with Panko crumbs) and a side of roasted sprouts.  yumm! I sorta just winged the recipe for M & cheese... a lil butter and flour, milk and cheese... and out of my 10,000 boxes of pasta in my cupboards (no lie) I didn't have ONE box of elbows!

Since dinner was pretty much done, I had a nice, relaxing night spent with the fam, furry friends and all:

Prettiest kindergartener everrrr!

Pajamas went on early last night!
 Yes, yes, I do still have to get my cam fixed! My plan for today is.... eat my way through it.  Is that weird?  I've been SO HUNGRY this past week, and after doing a lil research I found out between week 18 and week 20 you are at your hungriest.  Seriously, all I want to do is eat, so I try to make good choices.  This is what I have hangin' around my *new* classroom:

Yeah, I have to kinda force myself to eat yogurt, its something I never really enjoyed, and i mix in the Special K to make it not remind me of baby food... Granola is much tastier than Special K, but since I bought it I will eat it!  I also cut up tons of veggies in the a.m. to snack on all day, because I am a devoted chip lover, and the veggies allow me to eat a never-ending portion while satisfying my crunch desire :)

I kinda figure the healthier I eat, the more food I can does work that way, doesn't it?! (Plus, I'm sure veggies cancelled out my ginormous Rice Crispy treat and 2 snickers bars I scarfed down yesterday....)

This pregnancy I'm trying to not gain 60 lbs!! So far I'm at 13 lbs....and counting...

C'mon 6 lb baby and 2 hour delivery!!!!!!!!! (Please keep your fingers crossed!!!!!) (I'm sure this can happen!!)

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