Friday, January 21, 2011

Varsity Cheer

Mikayla did a great job cheering for Varsity BB tonight!! Once I can figure out how to get the Video off of my  Blackberry I will post it on here, it was so cute, but not as cute as cheering to Lady Gaga this past Fall!

School Spirit at its Finest

Sooo proud of herself!!

Mikayla and BF Delia

Mikaylas the lil smunchkin in the middle

Getting ready to Cheer, 2nd Quarter
She made Pete and I PROMISE that she could cheer again, she liked it a lot.  I met Delia's mother and father (And baby sister) and we agreed to have a play date soon.  It seems Mikayla and Delia are best friends in Kindergarten.... and they both enjoy the Bouncy Bounce right next door to where we live! Delia and Mikayla are both going to register for the town Softball league... both were very excited when they found out the other was going to join! I just cant believe how grown up my lil baby is getting....

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