Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Day Alone??

Today I had an extra healthy breakfast, because I knew I would be baking/cooking all day today.  Breakfast was Special K, with Pecans, banana, raisins and skim milk.

I also ate pretty healthy last night:
It was a sandwich with chicken, roasted red pepper Goat cheese, tomato, cukes and arugula.  On the side I munched on the rest of the cuke, and roasted b-sprouts, broccoli, and sweet potato fries. I wanted to eat a healthy dinner after speaking to my best friend Lauren, and after eating this amazing slicey for lunch:

Probably one of the best Ziti slices Ive ever had! The other day my lil' McMoo and I went shopping and she picked out this cute lil Hello Kitty hat to go with her shirt:

 Well, I'm going to continue cooking and baking my face off today.... with these 2 lil pups scratching at my feet the whole time I'm in the kitchen:
 I promise I will post recipes today, as I have the whole day to myself!! (Pete and M went skiing).

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